The sreepathi story

It begins with empathy!

I grew up in Hyderabad in the 1970s, even though it was considered a bustling city, even the most basic antibiotics were routinely unavailable at government hospitals and in many of the smaller pharmacies.

Srinivas Isola

A few major pharmacies hoarded the stock and most of the smaller ones had to wait their turn or settle on substandard products from the grey market to meet demand.

I realized that most of the critical drugs were being imported in those days, leading to delays in stocking them. Some even took months before they could be restocked, lives were being lost due to inefficiency. I didn't realize it then, but the seeds of Sreepathi were already sown in my mind.

Mr Srinivas Isola,
Managing Director

Mr. Srinivas Isola has championed the cause of ethical pricing for critical drugs since 1986.

He established the company to enable partners to get life-saving drugs out into the market at affordable prices. He is a pioneer in bringing global quality standards for pharmaceutical manufacturing to India. It was his eagle eye for quality that helped Sreepathi achieve the WHO GMP certification, the gold standard in the pharma industry back in 2013.

He has built a world-class manufacturing facility in his home state of Telangana and has built a stellar team of researchers and work staff to carry on his legacy of enabling affordable healthcare for everyone.

Our mission

Healthcare at the speed of life

  • Our best in class manufacturing processes and competitive pricing help make critical drugs more accessible and affordable.
  • Our superlative focus on purity, safety, reliability, and our stringent testing and quality control help our partner brands focus on R&D.
  • Our innovative custom manufacturing and scalable processes help clients meet growing demand without compromising on quality.
Key People

Our Core Team


V. Kulkarni

President of Operations

Mr. V. Kulkarni is a veteran in the Pharma space with over 30, years of exposure in API process development with leading pharma brands. He leads the research and operations team at Sreepathi with a primary focus on client satisfaction and client relationship management.


Karthik Isola


Mr. Karthik C Isola is a young and dynamic business leader with extensive experience in Supply Chain and Operations Management. He leads Strategy and Daily operations at Sreepathi with an eagle eye on compliance and adherence to international best practices. He holds a Bachelors in Business Administration.